“This book is a cup dropped and left in shards. Luminescent, sharp. Cracked, it still holds water. Fragile, restless, economical. Drink me, this book says, meaning bind me to memory. . . . This is a beautiful, visual exploration of loss, violence, and language, linked by musings on memory: ‘I gather light, lost in frames and thresholds…I want to know how long I have to wait until I remember again.'”—Carol Guess


“Written in tandem with her short films, Forty-One Jane Doe’s investigates the nature of desire and remorse through the prism of anonymity. Tuned with paradoxical introspection (‘Self or selfless, / I am in the way’), Adams’ lyrical sequences culminate in a savage title poem that declares, ‘It is the sin in me that says I.’ This bracing second collection weighs the parts of us that remain unknown, even to our confidants.” —James Shea

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"Clarity and alteration are at work in Carrie Olivia Adams' first book, Intervening Absence, which seeks for the personal a frame or lens that is by turns philosophical and filmic."—Lisa Fishman